Fact and Rumor.

The term-bills are out, and average high.

The tumbling in Saturday's meeting was unusually good.

There will be a review lecture in N. H. 4 to-day, at 4 o'clock.

There were no recitations in History 4 and 12 on Saturday.

The only event won by '88 in the winter meetings was the tug-of-war.

The attendance at the meeting Saturday was the smallest for some years.

The Pi Eta Society will probably have another german on the twentieth of April.

The International Base-Ball League has admitted the Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo clubs.

At the meeting next Saturday Morris and Lander will give an exhibition of scientific fencing.

Clark's record of five feet nine inches in the running high jump is the best ever made in the Hemenway gymnasium.

During the tug-of-war on Saturday, one of the rope men of the '86 team was heard angrily to cry out to the anchor of that team "Why don't you straighten out your legs"?

The work of those who entered the tumbling event last Saturday reflects much credit on Mr. Lathrop's coaching during the winter.

It has been decided by Bowdoin to send a crew this year to compete in the inter-collegiate race. The crew is to be selected from the following: G. M. Norris, L. B. Varney, W. W. Woodman, H. C. Jackson and Frank Lyman. The positions have not yet been assigned.

The trustees of Cornell University having purchased the law library (containing 4,100 volumes) of the late Merritt King, it is reported that the university is to have a law department. The establishment of a medical school is also under consideration. The matter of the law department rests with a committee of the trustees, who are to report in June.

The Hasty Pudding Club will give in its coming theatricals "Papillouetta," an extravaganza in three acts. A strong chorus of demons and fairies and an efficient ballet will form a prominent feature of the performance. As usual, performances will be given in New York and Boston, and part of the proceeds will be turned over to the University Boat Club. The New York and Boston performances will occur about April 10.

The University Boat Club is $1700 in debt, and efforts are to be made to clear off all indebtedness. At the gymnasium next Saturday afternoon, the athletic organizations are to give an exhibition, the proceeds of the affair going to the boat club. A very interesting programme of athletic exhibitions has been prepared. The ball nine, foot-ball team, lacrosse twelve and university crew are to appear, and will show something of the manner in which training is carried on during the winter. Performances on the horizontal bar, parallel bars, rings, etc., will be given. There will also be an exhibition of fencing, and the Mott Haven team will go through their winter routine, Reserved seats can be obtained at the Co-operative at 9 o'clock this morning.

The question of a new bridge across the Charles, which has now lain dormant some time, is being again agitated, and the work will probably begin this season.