Boylston Prize Speaking.

Competitors for the Boylston Prizes for declamation. Sanders Theatre, Thursday, May 13, 1886, at 7.30 p.m. The college has provided no special instruction for this competition. - The order of speakers is determined by lot.

1. Robert Fletcher Rogers, The Puritan Principle. - Wendell Phillips.

2. Joseph Eugene Walker, The Death of Garfield. - J. G. Blaine.

3. Camillo Von Klenze, The Parting of Hector and Andromache. - Iliad, VI. 440 496.

4. Herbert Bacon Hutchins, Donatello's Statue of St. George.

5. George Santayana, The Prayer of Achilles to his Mother. - Iliad, I 365 412.

Wilton Lincoln Currier, Abolition in 1830. - W. L. Garrison.

7. Pearl Lambert Sternbergh, A Defence of Massachusetts. - A Burlingame. (1856.)

INTERMISSION OF FIVE MINUTES.8. Irvah Lester Winter, The Prisoner of Chillon. - Byron.

9. Archibald Cary Coolidge, The Greek Revolution. - Henry Clay. (1824.)

10. William Jackson Bowen, Cambyses and the Macrobian Bow. - Paul H. Hayne.

11. Livingston Boyd Stedman, Against Whipping in the Navy. - Commodore Stockton.

12. Franklin Elmer Ellsworth Hamilton, Home Rule. - W. E. Gladstone. (1886.)

13. William Grant Webster, Daniel O'Connell. - Wendell Phillips.

14. Charles Cutter Burnett, Liberty and Union. - Daniel Webster.

15. Winthrop Tisdale Talbot, Speech at Montgamery, Ala. - General Gordon. (1886.)