Fact and Rumor.

The last theme in English XIII on Tennyson, is due to-day.

Williams plays Brown to-day at Providence. Grant will act as umpire.

It appears that the delegation of Yale freshmen who intend to accompany their nine to witness to-day's game will be large.

The contest for the Means Prize Speaking was held at Phillips Academy, night before last. The first prize was awarded to Hotlaling.

Bowdoin College does not seem to have any delicacy about professional training. Plaisted has been coaching the crew for the last few days.

Two members of Princeton's football team are expected to be in the Medical School of the University of Pennsylvania next year.

The CRIMSON'S telegraphic report of to-day's lacrosse game will be posted at Leavitt and Peirce's, Young's and Adams' as soon as it arrives.

The following men will play against the Yale freshmen to-day: Henshaw, c.; Bingham, p.: Hurley, 1 b.; Morgan, 2b.; McClellan, 3b.; Clark, s.s.; Young, l. f.; McPherson, c. f.; Litchfield, r. f. Substitutes, Downer and Trafford.

All notices to be inserted in the CRIMSON must be left in the box at Leavitt & Peirce's before 9 o'clock p.m.

Williams was unable to accompany the lacrosse twelve to New York, on account of an injury to his knee, received in practice some days ago.

The shooting club will hold an inter-class match at the Watertown range to-morrow (Thursday) afternoon. Each class will be represented by a team of four men.

The following new officers of the Harvard Chess Club were elected: J. W. Thoron, '86, president; M. D. Mitchell, '87, secretary; M. H. Clyde, '88, treasurer. The executive committee is made up as follows: E. D. Dresel, '87; L. H. Morgan, '89.

A mass meeting of the students has been called for Thursday evening. Definite measures will be taken at this meeting to secure management of the yard by a representative student body. More in detail in reference to this subject will be published in to-morrow's. CRIMSON.

There will be a one hour examination in Spanish I, instead of the stated recitation on Monday, May 24 in U. E. R. No books whatever are to be brought in at the examination. Blank books must be handed to the instructor on or before Friday, May 21. The subject matter will be "Gil Blas," (translation.)

The following is a list of the batting averages, excluding yesterday's game, of all the men who have played on the 'varsity nine this year. This computation includes all games, and is made from the official score: Nichols, two games. .375; Allen, .359; Willard, .349; Phillips, .318; Henshaw, .317; Foster, .307; Smith, .283; Wiestling, .258; Kimball, .230; Edgerly, .225; Boyden, .222; Holden, .222; McClellan, one game, .200; Choate, .181; Austin, one game. .000. Team average, .283.