Fact and Rumor.

Amherst plays Princeton at Princeton to-day.

The Bicycle Club held a very enjoyable smoker last night.

The marks for the hour examination in German 1 are out. They run exceedingly low.

Captain Hood of the Lacrosse team, who was injured in the Stevens game, is improving.

Professor Jackson who has left Cambridge for some days to regain his health, will probably return on Friday.

The special pamphlet giving an account of the courses in Political Economy, is ready for distribution.

A steam pump is being employed for pumping water from the well near the gymnasium. The quality of the water is very good.

The Columbia Spectator is pained by our typographical errors which made Columbia play with "'87," and in a few days thereafter in a summary of another game give "Harvard 13, Columbia 2." These errors are due to "carrying" base-ball scores partially set up, and to the difficulties of reading late proofs.

It is rumored that the '89 nine will disband and organize into a Puss-in-the-Corner club. The first championship game will be played with Lasell Seminary.

One of the ballots cast for '88 members of the yard committee yesterday, bore the names of the three coxswains in that class, and below the motto, "Non Marte sed Arte."

The Columbia game which was to be played this week is off. The Brown game which was to be played Wednesday, May 26th, has been postponed to June 10th. The Yale game will be played June 19th, and the Amherst game June 28th.

The lacrosse team played with two substitutes in the Princeton, with three in the Stevens, and with four in the New York University games. Mr. Williams who was hurt in the Boston game, is suffering from water on the knee.

Prof Taussig will be in his room, No. 7 Weld, between 7.30 and 9 o'clock, on the evenings of Thursday, May 27, Tuesday and Thursday, June 1 and 3, Tuesday and Thursday, June 8 and 10, for consultation with any students in regard to electing Political Economy 1, 2 or 6 for next year.

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