The Class Races.

To-day the annual race between the four classes will be rowed. For the last few years the races have caused a little dissatisfaction to many of those concerned. Last year, for example, '86 rowed with only six men, and '88 started without a rudder, thus virtually leaving the race to the other boats. And year before last, the race had to be rowed twice, on account of misunderstanding about the starting signals. This year, however, every precaution has been taken to have matters go smoothly, and a good race may be expected.

The name and weights of the men are as follows.


(Class color, blue and wite.)

Position. Name. Weight.

Bow. W. S. Latham, 142

2. S. H. Fessenden, 150

3. J. C. Ayer, 159

4. C. Guild, 160

5. G. G. Bradford, 153

6. W. R. Dewey, 167

7. O. B. Roberts, 164

Stroke. G. B. Harris (Capt.), 161


Average weight, 157

Cox. T. T. Baldwin, 100