Fact and Rumor.

To-day is Bunker Hill day, a legal holiday in Massachusetts.

Upward of ninety men have signed for the Yale game on Saturday.

The noble effigy of Gen. Grant in Noera's show-window has lately donned a dress-suit.

The Harvard Monthly for July will contain the Baccalaureate Sermon and the Class Parts.

Tickets for the New Haven game will be ready for sale this afternoon at Leavitt & Peirce's.

The Hoopoes beat the Hoodoos yesterday in a closely contested game of ball, by the score of 10 to 6.

The members of the Episcopal Theological School who were ordained yesterday gave a very enjoyable spread to their friends.

The Far and Near Club in Hastings on the Hudson, will hold an open tennis tournament, beginning on Wednesday, June 23rd.

The Class Day Committee wish to call the attention of undergraduates to the University to their request in yesterday's paper. They request that all men who obtain yard tickets they do not intend to use will either give them to none but responsible people, or destroy them.

Matthew Arnold delivered a lecture last Tuesday before the Univ. of Pa. The lecture was a comparison of the French and German systems of education with that of England, and was by no means complimentary to the latter. The lecturer spoke in especially high terms of the German system of religious instruction.