Fact and Rumor.

Amherst plays Princeton to-day at Amherst. Dutton will act as umpire.

There will be a regular meeting of the CRIMSON board to-day at 1.30 p.m.

Bingham struck out fourteen men in the freshman game with Exeter last Saturday.

The Beacons beat Brown in a five inning game last Saturday by a score of 11 to 3.

The discussion on John Harvard is still kept up in the correspondence column of the Nation.

Cambridge University will confer the degree of L. L. D. upon Oliver Wendell Holmes on June 17.

Mr. W. B. Page, '87, University of Pennsylvania, intends to take a 1500 mile bicycling tour through the White Mountains and Canada.

We clip the following from the Cambridge, Eng. University correspondence of the Oxford Review: "Harvard University have sent us a challenge to row our 'varsity crew against theirs, over the Thames course; but as they have chosen the end of September for the race, we have naturally refused."

Annual joke in the Yale News: The game at Harvard was lost by the Yale freshmen simply from over-confidence and sheer carelessness.

By the will of the late Senator Anthony, Brown University will secure 5,000 volumes of American poetry, the best collection in existence of American verse, it is said.

"A man named Timothy Dwight has been elected President of Yale College. He is said to be a man of considerable ability, but is entirely unknown in sporting circles." - Chicago Times.

The cricket eleven played Longwood Saturday afternoon. They only had time for one inning. Score, 106 to 57 in Longwood's favor. A second inning will have to be played sometime this week.

A touching bit of news: Since the formation of the Inter-collegiate Athletic Association, the first prizes have been divided as follows: Columbia, 41; Harvard, 40; Princeton 26; U. of Penn., 21; Yale, 18. - Ex.

Where ignorance is bliss 'tis folly to be wise: The report that the Harvard Crimson is printed in its own office has been found to be false. The paper is printed by contract in a regular printing establishment. - Ex.

The class championship cups are now on exhibition at Leavitt & Pierce's, They are of a very graceful form and will no doubt serve as an extra inducement to the contesting nines to do their best in the coming games.

Prof. Sumner, of Yale, has engaged to deliver two lectures at the summer meeting of the Chautauqua Association at Chautauqua lake. His subjects are: "The Present Social Crisis in This Country," and "Capital and Labor."