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EDITORS DAILY CRIMSON. - Now that the time of good sleighing, good skating, moderate winter weather and clear, moonlight evenings has come it behooves us to think of some of the sports which such a season naturally brings, in connection with the college. The college as a college may be said to have no winter sports at all; nothing to take the place of the autumnal foot-ball and the vernal base ball, nor yet the eternal tennis. A few years ago this fact was deplored, and a Hockey Club was founded to supply in a measure this lack. What has become of this club of late? We have a magnificent sheet of ice at a distance of but twenty minutes, - no drawback can be argued on the score of distance - and doubtless hundreds in the college who are enthusiastic and proficient skaters. Why then has not more interest been shown to this sport in general and to this club in particular?

Toboggan slides have been built this winter all over the country. Williams has a college slide. Other colleges seek in tobogganing what they necessarily miss in their usual outdoor sports. But Harvard looks with indifference upon tobogganing and the erection of a slide. Cambridge has a magnificient newly erected toboggan slide; Brookline nightly draws from our number of student tobogganers. But this is all outside of the college. No, skating and tobogganing are not among our traditional list of college sports, so of course cannot possibly find their way into that list. New England exclusiveness must prevail here also.


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