Special Notices.

Tutoring in Political Economy 4 and Chemistry A. B. G. Davis, '85, 29 Hollis.

21Tutoring in German A, Chem. A, Hist. 2, Pol. Econ. 1, by a tutor of long and successful service. Call on or address K., 24 Stonghton.

24Tutoring in German A, Chem. A, Hist. II, Pol. Econ, I, by an experienced tutor. F. W. Kaan, '83, 24 Stoughton and L. S.

25Tutoring in Math. C, D, and E. Augustus S. Haskell, 22 Hollis.

23German A. I shall translate La Rabbiata and first act, Der Neffe als Okel Jan. 26, at 7.30. Stoughton 10. Tutoring German I, & II, Chemistry A. C. H. Moore.


26Lost. Last Friday at Memorial a silk umbrella with a rough brown handle. Return to auditor.