Fact and Rumor.

All special notices must now be given to Leavitt & Peirce. No notices to be inserted more than one day will be received after 7.30 p.m.

The Glee Club will give a concert at Dover sometime in February.

E. C. Pfeiffer, 89 is a candidate for anchor on his class tug-of-war team.

All the section in Pol. Econ. I. will meet in Massachusetts at 9 o'clock this morning.

History 5 will continue the study of the Catecombs in the library next Tuesday.

Fifteen candidates for the '89 Tug of-war team began practice in the gymnasium yesterday.

Syracuse University is only sixteen years old and yet it has four hundred and fifty students.

The universities of Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Italy have opened their courses to women.

"How I was Educated" is the title of an article by President Angell of Ann Arbor in the January number of the Forum.

A correspondent from Yale asserts in a recent article that the Harvard team is the only one to be feared in base-ball next Spring. - Princetonian.

Fears are entertained that if a sudden thaw should occur the Charles would overflow its banks and cause a good deal of damage in Cambridge.

It is rumored that old Mr. Sever, the present oldest living graduate of Harvard, is much elated at the news that this honorable rank has descended upon his shoulders.

Some friends of Princeton College have provided funds to send an expedition in charge of Prof. Young to observe the eclipse of August 16th in Russia. - Yale News.

At the annual dinner of the Harvard class of 1828 in Boston the other day eight gentlemen were present, the youngest of whom was Dr. Holmes, aged seventy-seven.

An opportunity is now afforded at Fresh Pond of seeing how ice is cut, floated along to the icehouses and then lifted into them by means of sliding chains.

The Harvard Association of western New York held its sixth annual dinner at Buffalo, N. Y., Saturday evening last in the rooms of the Buffalo Club. President E. C. Sprague presided.