The '90 Class Meeting.

There were about 125 members of the sophomore class present at their class meeting last evening in Upper Massachusetts. President Dexter called the meeting to order at half-past seven and directed Mr. Higginson to read the minutes of the last meeting. After the secretary's report was read and accepted, the chair said that nominations for the presidency were in order. Mr. Dexter was the only nominee, and he asked Mr. Woods to take the chair, while a vote was called. The vote was by acclamation, and Mr. Dexter was unanimously elected.

Mr. Woods, Mr. Higginson, Mr. Endicott and Mr. Hutchinson were unanimously re-elected to their respective offices, namely : Mr. Woods, vice-president; Mr. Higginson, secretary; Mr. Endicott, treasurer, and Mr. Hutchinson, captain of crew.

There were three nominees for captain of the class nine-Mr. McKean, Mr. MacLeod and Mr. F. L. Codman. A show of hands of those in favor of Mr. McKean was called, and Mesars. Tyson, J. S. Codman, Bra and Wheelwright were appointed by the chair as tellers. They were unable to agree in counting and the voters had to file by the secretary and be recorded by him. Mr. McKean had 57 votes; Mr. McLeod had 22; Mr. Codman had 21. Mr. McKean was declared elected.

Mr. Slocum was the only nominee for captain of the eleven and was unanimously elected.

It was then moved that the chair appoint a committee of three to take appropriate action on the recent death of J. W. T. Leonard. The chair said he would like to meet those of Mr. Leonard's friends who wished to serve, after adjournment. The meeting then adjourned at 8 o'clock.