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Yale, 74; Williams, 0.


In the foot-ball game last Saturday, Williams had the choice of sides, and Yale took the kick-off against the wind. Yale began by using its heavy rush line, and soon drove Williams back. After a few short runs, Beecher takes the ball, and, by good dodging, gains the first touchdown in about five minutes. On the kick-off Williams is unable to advance, so that on the fourth down Yale has the ball, and Beecher, after a long run, carries the ball again over the line. Goal. When the ball comes out, Roland loses it. Beecher makes a run, but is neatly tackled. The ball is then passed to Morrison, who makes the third touchdown in 11 minutes. Score, 18-0. Yale gets the ball on the fourth down. Beecher passes to Gill, who secures a touchdown. No goal. Williams at the 25-yard line loses the ball. Morrison gets it and carries it over. No goal. Same tactics, but Wallace makes the touchdown. Score, 30-0. Beecher tries goal, but fails, and Woodruff falls on the ball. Williams tries to run with the ball at 25 yard line, but Yale has it on the fourth down. It is passed to Gill and he goes behind the posts. No goal. Score 38-0. End of the first half hour.

The second half begins with a run by Roland, but Yale forces Williams to take ball back on the fourth down, and Rhodes scores. Yale has the ball again on four downs and Graves runs, but Orcutt stops him. The ball is then thrown out to Morrison, who runs over the line. Hotchkiss makes runs, as does Kimball, but Williams is forced to kick and Beecher gets the ball and scores. Score, 56-0. On Williams fourth down, Beecher gets the ball and carries it over again with the aid of the rush line. Goal. Score, 62 0. Williams tries a waiting game, but Yale forces them back. On a fumble by Orentt, Wallace scores, Goal. Gill makes the next touchdown. Final score, 74-0.

For Williams, Kimball played well, and for Yale, Beecher and Gill did the best work. The work of the rush line was effectual, their lining up being especially noticeable; but the backs are not as good as usual.

Yale- Rushers, Wallace, Gill, Cross, Corbin, Woodruff, Rhodes and Pratt q. b., Beecher; h. b., Morrison and Graves; f. b., Wurtenburg.

Williams- Rushers, Case, Ruhix, Hotchkiss, Longwell, Johnson, Baker and Orcutt; q. b., Kimball; h. b., Williams and Roland; f. b., Conn.

Referee, Mr. Fiske, Harvard, '86; umpire, Mr. Gill, Yale.

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