Bicycle Race.

The entries and handicaps for the race this afternoon are as follows :-

Scratch- R. H. Davis, '91, and Elliot Norton, L. S.

Four Minutes- E. A. Darling, '90, and Kenneth Brown, '91.

Six Minutes- E. A. Bailey, '91; Codman, and N. F. Hesseltine, '88.

Eight Minutes- Arthur E. Burr, '91; A. H. Williams, '91; R. D. Herrick, '91, and R. S. Baldwin, '89.

Ten Minutes- L. Davies, '89; Philip Davis; J. W. McCammon, '88, and H. B. Barbour, L. S.

All those not winning first or second prize who cover the distance in 1 h. 10 min. will receive cups. Only members of the Harvard Bicycle Club can receive prizes or cups. Men may join any time before the race. All contestants must meet at the gymnasium at 2.30 p. m. promptly. The finish will be near the Mt. Auburn bridge over railroad, a little after four. As every single man has announced his determination not to win a prize, but merely to go in for the fun of the thing, a lively race is anticipated.