Fact and Rumor.

Five foot-ball teams from Princeton played games last Saturday.

There are sixteen candidates for the position of whistler on the Glee Club, but no choice has yet been made.

Cook, '89, who would have been captain of the Princeton eleven this year, but who did not return to college, has just been married.

Petitions handed in before 12 o'clock on Nov. 16th have been acted upon. Students can obtain particulars from the secretary, Mr. Boles.

Messrs. M. A. deWolfe Howe, J. B. Fletcher, '87 and E. W. Taylor, '88, have been elected members of the Signet.

Rev. Dr. Francis L. Patton, a Presbyterian minister of Mont Clair, N. J., and professor of geology in Princeton College, has been chosen president of that college to succed Dr. McCosh.

The sixth ten of the Institute of 1770 from '90 is as follows : Linn, Smith, Livingstone, Parker, Faulkner, Dickson, Payson; honoraries- Herrick, Tillton, Piper.

Mason, '84, Harvard's celebrated quarter-back, who was on the team which defeated Princeton in 1882, returned from Europe this week and was on the field to encourage the eleven yesterday.

The Sumner Prize for '86 and '87 has been awarded to Marland Cogswell Hobbs, A. S., of the law school, for the best essay on the subject, "The experience of the past half century in the light it throws upon the possible resort to arbitration as a substitute for war."

Professor Josiah P. Cook, who was to have given, on Wednesday evening, the first of his series of twelve lectures in the Lowell Institute course on the "Necessary Limitations of Scientific Thought," was suddenly taken ill, and Dr. D. W. Huntington will read the manuscript of the lecture.