Fact and Rumor.

Most of the students of Rutgers are prohibitionists.

Many of the chest-weights in the gymnasium need new handles.

The examinations are over to-day. Magnas gratias, Dei, agimus robis.

Fielding work was commenced in the Yale base-ball house last Tuesday,

Prof, Lanciani is to give two lectures on Roman archaeology at Princeton.

Seven of last year's Yale freshman eight are training for the University.

The Yale foot-ball team are to receive miniature foot-balls of gold as trophies.

Nichols, Harvard, '86, has received several offers to pitch for professional teams, but has refused them all. - Ex.

The Harvard pitchers are being trained in acquiring the tricks for the new delivery, by Clarkson, of the Chicagos. - Princetonian.

The resolution authorizing Yale College to be hereafter named Yale University, was passed by the Senate at Hartford last Thursday.

Billy Frazier, the noted boxer, has disappeared with the money of several of his pupils who were trustful enough to pay him in advance.

A colored student, named Green, is one of the most promising candidates for this years' base-ball nine of the University of Pennsylvania.

Justin McCarthy, Carl Schurtz, Henry George, Gen. Lew Wallace, and James G. Blaine, will deliver lectures at the University of Wisconsin this winter.

H. H. Furness, Jr., '88, E. C. Pfeiffer, '89, and J. H. Sears, '89 are the newly elected editors of the Advocate. The new officers of the Advocate are L. McK. Garrison, Pres.; S. F. McCleary, Sec'y.

President Hopkins, of Williams, gave a reception to the faculty and seniors of that college on Monday evening, the occasion being his 85th birthday, he was therefore presented with 85 roses.

Never before has such an interest in athletics been displayed at Williams, owing probably to the good place taken by last years' nine and eleven, and the increased facilities of the new gymnasiam and field. - Ex.

Of the graduating class at Yale last year, the following are their occupations: Law, 45; business, 22; post-graduate course 17; teaching, 16; medicine, 8; theology, 6; traveling, 5; editors, 2; school principals, 1; congressmen, 1; at leisure 3.

Daniel Pratt has returned to the classic shades of Cambridge and entertains students going to and from Memorial Hall with learned dissertations upon Sam Jones and Sam Small, who, he declares, are afraid to except his challenge to speak in public on topics connected with the bible.

The winter games at Yale will take place in about a month, although the date has not yet been definetely settled. The following is a list of the contests: Horizontal bar, parallel bar, rope climbing, running high jump, vaulting, fencing, boxing and wrestling. The last-named event is divided into four classes as follows: Heavy weights, over 158 pounds; middle weights, between 140 to 148 pounds; light weights, between 120 to 140 pounds; feather weights, under 120 pounds.