Fact and Rumor.

The supply of the President's Reports is exhausted.

The Dartmouth College grounds will soon be lighted by electricity.

Prof. Johnston of Princeton, is preparing a history of Connecticut.

Professor Hill will lecture to the freshmen Saturday on "Dryden."

The exhibition of the Paint and Clay Club of Boston was opened night before last.

The Cornell crew is to be coached by a professional coach instead of Mr. Courtney.

The members of the Mott Haven team practice starting in the cage every afternoon.

One of the largest endowed colleges of the West is the Utah State College, a Mormon institution.

The Cricket Club held its annual dinner last night at Young's. About thirty members were present who had a very pleasant time.

The Photographic Society will give an exhibition in Sever Hall the last week in March; open to all.

The Yale freshmen crew from time to time row in the tank which has proved so satisfactory to the 'Varsity crew.

Dr. Hart gave the first of the discussions of topics of the day which are to occupy 10 minutes of each lecture, The subject of discussion yesterday was the "Dependent Pension Bill."

A combined concert by the Wesleyan and Amherst Glee Clubs was given in Hartford Monday night.

The Deutscher Verein is to be congratulated for its successful public meeting, held yesterday evening, and the thanks of all his listeners are due to Dr. Francke for his able and eloquent address.

Mr. Hobbs, L. S., read his dissertation on the "Twelfth Article of Jay's Treaty" to an interested audience yesterday evening. This study in the diplomatic history of this peculiar article is marked by masterly clearness and conciseness of thought and diction, and gives evidence of thorough and conscientious investigation.

The rain yesterday morning prevented a very large number of men from attending the shoot of the Shooting Club. In future notice will always be posted on University by one o'clock when the shoot is to be postponed. Following are the best scores: Match A. - 1st, Oakes, '87; Grew, '89; 2nd, W. Austin, '87; Mead, '87. Match B. - 1st, W. Austin, '87; 2nd, Greene, '89. Match C. - 1st, Oakes; 2nd, W. Austin, Mead.