Fact and Rumor.

The assignment of rooms will be made on May 6.

The Yale News advocates the organization of a crew at Andover.

The new Divinity School library will be ready for occupation next June.

A chess tournament is now in progress among the players of Columbia.

The D. K. E. Club of New York has taken up new quarters on Fifth Avenue.

The Princetonian thinks that the college will put a fair lacrosse team in the field this year.

The Columbia students will probably have a week's intermission at their centennial. - Ex.

The anchor of the Columbia Tug-of-war Team won the pole-vault at Mott Haven last May.

Applications for college rooms for 1887-88 must be filed at the Bursar's office on or before May 5.

Rutgers College Glee Club is said to give more concerts yearly than any other college or university club.

Columbia pulled Yale over two feet in the tug-of-war contest in the games at New Haven Armory last week.

Carter, the champion amateur cross-country runner, and Lang, the champion amateur walker of the world, will take part in the athletic meeting at Princeton next Monday.

In the class games at the University of Pennsylvania the sophomores defeated the freshmen by the score of 18 to 1.

At a cane rush last week between the sophomores and freshmen of Trinity College, the latter came out victorious.

There will probably be no class games of base-ball at Yale this spring. The freshman nine has begun out-door practice.

All who wish to keep their college rooms must pass in their new room agreements to the Bursar between March 22 and 31 inclusive.

Mr. Bishop's exhibitions of mind reading have aroused great interest in the subject among the professors and students of Princeton.

Divinity Hall will be entirely overhauled this summer and fitted up with every new accommodation. As the lectures will be held in the library building next year, the entire hall will be turned into a dormitory.

All who attended Professor Dyer's reading of his translation of the Iphigenia of Euripides yesterday evening were treated to an exceptionally fine bit of literature. The publishing of these relations which we may expect at no very distant day will give all lovers of Greek a chance to place a valuable volume on their shelves.