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EDITORS DAILY CRIMSON: I should like to call attention to certain charges made against Williams at the meeting last term which admitted Columbia to the league with, Harvard, Yale and Princeton. These charges can now be shown to be unfounded; and as an unfavorable impression towards Williams was undoubtedly created by them in the minds of many who attended the meeting, it is only just that this impression should be effaced.

The charges referred to were these: That William had employed professionals to play this year upon the college nine; and that last October, only three days before a date upon which Williams had agreed to play a game of foot-ball with Harvard at Williams town, she had cancelled the game and played on that day with Yale instead.

The first charge arose from the fact that the pitcher and catcher of last year's nine at Williams were graduated in June, and that Wilson, pitcher of Bowdoin, and Clark, a catcher of Brown, left their respective colleges last fall and entered Williams. The natural inference drawn by men in other colleges was that they were paid to come, or at any rate were influenced by some inducement or persuasion on the part of Williams. This, however, is not the fact. No offer of any kind was made to either of the men in question, nor was there, indeed, any thought at Williams of their coming there until they of their own accord expressed their determination to come. Williams, on her admission to the league, agreed either to prove to the satisfaction of the judiciary committee that Wilson and Clark had not been induced by her to leave their former colleges, and were not professionals, or failing in this, to consent to their being disqualified without anything being positively proved against them. A meeting of the judiciary committee was to have been held in Boston last Wednesday, but owing to an accident to one of the members of the committee, a quorum was not present and the meeting had to be deferred. The Williams representative, however, was provided with affidavits signed by Wilson, Clark. and the manager of the Williams nine, which fully cover the case and make only one result of the investigation possible.

With reference to the second charge, it is sufficient to say that no foot-ball game was at any time last fall arranged between Harvard and Williams. An attempt was made to arrange one, but no date could be agreed upon. On Oct. 11, the manager of the Williams eleven, in reply to a communication from Harvard, telegraphed that the Wednesdays and Saturdays from Oct. 16 to Nov. 20 were filled. The game with Yale was played Oct. 23, twelve days after this telegram was sent.

It is hoped that this statement of the facts as they are will remove any prejudice that may have arisen against Williams on account of these charges, and will restore the good feeling which hitherto has always existed between the colleges.