CONFERENCE FRANCAISE. - Meeting this evening at 7.30 in 18 Stoughton. As Mr. Mitchell is unexpectedly called away, Mr. Cohn will speak on "Les grandes ecoles de la France." Please come promptly as there is some business to come up.

F. D. KALOPOTHAKES.CONFERENCE FRANCAISE.- Meeting this evening at 7.30 in 18 Stoughton. "Le Quartier Latin de Paris - M. Mitchell. Please come very promptly.

F. D. KALOPOTHAKES.HARVARD SHOOTING CLUB.- Practice shoot this (Tuesday) afternoon. Take the 1.30 car. All candidates for the team must be present. F. S. MEAD.

FRESHMAN BANJO CLUB. - Important rehearsal to-day (Tuesday) in Roberts Hall at 4.30 sharp. It is very necessary that all members be present.

G. R. PAYSON. Vice Pres.There will be a meeting of the Board of Directors at Memorial Hall to-day at 1.30 o'clock.

The man who took a hat yesterday at dinner containing a visiting card not his own, will please leave the hat with the Auditor of Memorial at lunch to-day.

To SENIORS. - Pach's room-photographer will come to Cambridge next Thursday. All those who wish pictures of their rooms will please leave notice at Pach's studio immediately.

THE PHOTO. COMMITTEE.The '89 class prayer meeting will be held in Lawrence Hall (Y. M. C. A. Rooms) from 7 to 7.30 this evening. All members of the class are invited.