Fact and Rumor.

The "Advocate" will be out to-day.

There was no recitation in History 5 yesterday.

The Portlands beat the Bowdoin College nine 15 runs to 5.

Mr. Cohn's address is now 14 Trowbridge Street.

It is reported that Hanlan, the famous oarsman, is coaching the Harvard 'Varsity crew. - Yale News.

The Rev. George A. Gordon will preach in Appleton Chapel to-morrow evening.

Mr. W. H. Thayer, '89 will umpire the game between the Rovers and the Freshmen this afternoon.

The last performance of the Hasty Pudding Society will take place tonight in Horticultural Hall at 8 o'clock.

The Glee Club has arranged to give quite a large number of concerts in the vicinity during the ensuing weeks.

At a recent game between the Baltimores and the Bostons the umpire fined a player $25 for calling him a "lulu."

The following have been elected members of the Historical Society. From '88: - Messrs. Barnes, Gordon, Hallowell, Paine and Rogers.

Thursday the Yale nine beat the Buffalos by a score of 10 runs to 6. The Yale men made 20 base hits and 6 errors; the Buffalos 13 hits and 5 errors. The Yale nine earned 6 runs.

Mr. Whipple '88 was elected leader of the Pierian Sodality at its last meeting in place of Mr. Forchheimer resigned.

The class crews have been picked: they will begin rowing in their own shells with their own coxswains, soon.

The 'Varsity plays Bowdoin this afternoon on Holmes, and the freshmen play the Rovers at Brookline.

The nine at Amherst this year promises to be stronger at the bat than Amherst nines have been for several years past.