Morton, Goal, Ledger

Peabody, Point, Clacy

Williams, Cover, Simson

Goodale, Defence, Ritchie

Griffing, Defence, Carson

Weed, Defence, McRae

Nichols, Centre, Kirwin

Davidson, Attack, Duval

Hale, Attack, Kelly

Dudley, Attack, Jones

Blodgett, 2d Home, Nicholson

Harding, 1st Home, McCaull

Referee - Mr. J, B. Blake, '87.

The Lacrosse team was defeated yesterday by the Independents of Boston. At the opening of the game the ball went to the Harvard posts, and in less than a minute Carson threw a goal. Play began again, and Griffing at last sent the ball up to the Harvard attack, which promptly fumbled it and gave Simson a chance to return it. The defence made a brace, and sent it back, and for ten minutes neither goal was threatened. At the end of this time McCaull scored a second goal for the visitors. The ball was at our goal during the rest of the half as it was the first of the half, and just before the close Kelly made another goal.

The second half found Goodale retired with a broken thumb, and Towle on the centre. Harvard made a great brace from the start, and played something like their uphill game of last year. Two goals were secured in quick succession, the first swiped by Harding, the second shot by Blodgett. This second goal was the result of very pretty attack, passing and most clever work on Blodgett's part.

Notwithstanding Harvard's strenuous efforts, which were not relaxed to the end, the score remained 2 to 3 against the crimson.