H. P. C. THEATRICALS. - Participants who desire a copy of the play may obtain one at 39 Matthews between 10 and 11 a.m. to-day.

HARVARD SHOOTING CLUB. - Regular meeting this afternoon; last chance to enter the freshman match. Cars leave at 1.30.

CARLETON GREENE, Sec'y.Seniors are notifield that unless they have their pictures taken immediately the class album cannot be finished by Class Day.

FRANK H. SELLERS,Chairman Photo. Com.All members of the CRIMSON nine will please be on Jarvis field at 10.45 a.m. to-day to play the H. M. R. '86 nine.

PIERIAN SODALITY. - Rehearsal to-night at 7.30. All the strings are requested to be present at 7.15.

BENJAMIN CARPENTER, Sec.H. U. B. B. C. - All who can go to New Haven for the first Harvard-Yale game will please sign the book at Leavitt and Pierce's. If fifty names are signed round trip tickets will be sold for $5.50. Names must all be signed before Thursday noon.

W. H. RAND, JR.The twenty-first annual dinner of the "Harvard Advocate" will take place at the Parker House on Saturday, May 7, at 6.15 p.m. Price per plate, $2.50. All past editors and contributors are cordially invited to attend. All those intending to be present will confer a great favor by sending their names before May 5th, to S. W. White, 13 Matthews Hall, Cambridge.