Special Notices.

Cleansing Clothes by steam naptha process at J. F. Noera's, 436 Harvard street. s29

The largest line of Gymnasium Goods at J. F. Noera's, 436 Harvard street. s29

To Let-Room 17 Holyoke House. Apply at once at Bursair's. s29 6t

A few gentlemen can be accommodated with table board at No. 8 Story street. s29 6t

Students entering college, or returning from vacation, are requested to leave their address at the post office (name of building, street and number). so that their mail can be delivered without delay. s29

Powers of 30 Boylston street, gives lowest figures on laying cloth carpets, coverings for stairs and floors for Class Day spreads. Camp chairs and tables to let cheap. Apply early and get low prices.

Clubs can be accommodated, also boarders, at general table; two rooms unfurnished to let; stable to let. 16 Oxford street. s29 6t

For Sale-First-class mustang pony for polo, stylish and ambitious. For price and particulars apply at 16 Holyoke House. s29

The finest line of Furnishing Goods at J. F. Noera's, 436 Harvard street s30

Novelties in Gloves and Neckwear at J. F. Noera's, 436, Harvard street. s30

Money made. See advertisement of stocks bought and sold in next column. s30

J. W. Brine, 10 and 11 Harvard Row. Arrived per steamer Umbria, 1000 English Sweater Jerseys and Light; 300 Elephant-foot Balls; 200 Bath Robes, Mitts and Bath Slippers; 100 pieces English Stripe Flannels for blazer cap and pantaloons; 100 "Copper Box" Mcintoshes; 1 case English and Scotch Cheviots. A full line Hixon's English Tennis Shoes. Headquarters for Tennis, Gymnasium and Foot-ball Uniforms. We have constantly on hand a full line gents' furnishings, with E. and W. Collars and Cuffs. Agents for Troy Laundry. J. W. Brine, 10 and 11 Harvard Row. s29 6t