Fact and Rumor.

The Guitar Club gave a very successful concert at Longwood last evening.

Two young Chinamen have entered the theological department at Tufts.

G. N. Lamb, '91, has been elected freshman director of the Shooting Club.

Benjamin Carpenter has resigned his position as leader of the Glee Club, and as yet no successor has been appointed.

Stoddard lecture this afternoon in Music Hall on "The Splendors of the Pyrenees."


Cambridge University, England, contains about one hundred distinct colleges.

There is an advance of five per cent. in college attendance in the United States this year over last.

The recent author's readings at Chickering Hall, New York, netted $4,000 for the "Copyright League."

Mr. John C. Ropes entertained the Historical Society at his house in Boston last evening.

The final list of examinations was out yesterday morning, and will be published in the CRIMSON the first of next week.

University says it will never advocate the dropping of Latin and Greek, nor even their continuance as optional studies at our colleges.

The annual dinner of the Bowdoin Alumni Association, of Portland, was held at the Falmouth House, in Portland, on the evening of Jan. 19th.

Dudley, the former quarter-back on the 'Varsity eleven, will enter the Law School next fall. He has been very successful as gymnasium director at Exeter this year.

The president of Brown University is an advocate of sparring as a means of developing the body.

A number of important discoveries have been made by archaeologists while excavating in Rome during the past month.