Fact and Rumor.

Gen. Benj. F. Butler is to give a fountain to Colby University.

There was a cut yesterday in French 10, owing to the illness of Mr. Saunderson.

Mr. G. L. Watson, the designer of the Thistle, is building a centre-board sloop for an American gentleman.

The Technique, the annual literary production of the juniors at the Mass. Inst. of Tech has appeared.

Dr. Billings will give the fourth lecture in his Lowell Institute course this evening on "The History of Medicine."


The Manhattan Athletic Club, of New York, will have its annual winter games in Madison Square Garden on Saturday, Jan. 28.

The census statement of 1885 prepared under direction of Col. Carroll D. Wright gives as the population of Cambridge, 59,658; of Boston, 390,393.

The use of free tickets on cars of the West End Railroad Co. has been prohibited. This rule went into effect Jan. 1st.

Sophomore Themes No. 4 of those whose names begin with E-H have not been corrected yet but will be returned next Tuesday.

We are glad to announce that Marden, '88, who was dangerously ill during the recess at the Cambridge Hospital is rapidly improving.

The great thirty-six-inch lens of the Lick telescope has been successfully mounted and Supt. Floyd, Prof. Keeler and Messrs. Swazey and Clark are well pleased with the work.

Mr. J. B. Harrison and Prof. J. B. Thayer will address the meeting to be held this evening under the auspices of the Cambridge Indian Rights' Association in Sander's Theatre.

The trustees of Cornell University are making every effort to induce President and Mrs. Cleveland to attend the next commencement of that institution.

According to the Herald and Globe, Boston is having a "Carnival of Crime." These sensational reports are denied, however, by the board of police and the other city newspapers.

Theses substituted for Forensics can be counted for Honorable Mention in English composition only when they have been submitted to the instructors in Forensics and approved by them, as stated in section 30 of regulations.

A committee of the directors of the West End Railway Co. has gone for a two week's visit to the western cities to investigate the system of cable roads with a view towards introducing the system in Boston.

The programme for this evening's Hofmann concert consists of Weber's Concertstuck and Liszt's arrangement of Weber's Polacca, with orchestra; and for solos, two original pieces, Mendelssohn's Spinning Song and an improvisation.

Until the mid years all members of Political Economy 1 will meet at 9 a.m. on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Mass. lower hall. This includes the sections of Mr. Taussig and Mr. Laughlin, and includes the men who formerly came at 10 a.m.