Meeting of the Board of Overseers

An adjourned meeting of the Board of Overseers of Harvard College was held Tuesday morning at No. 50 State street. The report of the conference committee appointed before the close of the last term to investigate the disagreements between the president and fellows, and the overseers was presented by the president in the form of a vote which had been passed by the fellows, in which concessions on both sides will, tend toward the solution of a difficult problem. The following is the vote as passed:

Voted, That the following be adopted as one of the standing rules and orders of the president and fellows and board of overseers:

A committee for the regulation of athletic sports shall hereafter be annually appointed and chosen as follows: Three members of the college faculty and three graduates of the college, these six to be appointed by the corporation, with the consent of the overseers, and also three undergraduates to be chosen during the first week of the college year, to be chosen by the majority vote of the following students: The presidents of the senior, junior and sophomore classes, and a representative from each of the following athletic organizations: The boat club, and the athletic, baseball, football, lacrosse and tennis associations, who shall be called together for the purpose of making the choice by the president of the university. This committee shall have entire supervision and control of all athletic exercises without the precincts of the university, subject to the authority of the faculty of the college as defined by the statutes.

Voted, That the faculty and committee be informed that the corporation and board of overseers are of the opinion that further restrictions should be placed upon intercollegiate contests in regard to the places where and the days when they shall be played, and the teams that shall take part therein.

The board concurred in the appointments of the following:


Amos L. Mason, M. D., instructor in clinical medicine; George H. Hildon. John W. Elliot, Francis S. Watson, George W. Gay, Edward Cowles, Or lando W. Doe, Phillip C. Knapp and Frank H. Hooper, all clinical instructors in several branches for the year.