Special Notices.

THREE UNFURNISHED ROOMS to let at 69 Brattle street. o16 1m

UPRIGHT PIANOS for sale or to rent to students at the New Music Store, 3 Harvard Row. Oct. 2 3w

STUDENTS wishing a most fashionable hair cut are requested to notice the advertisement of Robert Young in another column. 1t

SPARRING LESSONS.- Edw. J. Ferris has opened his sparring rooms in Brewer's Block, Brattle St., cor. of Palmer. Hours from 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. o9-1m

WHITAKER AND CO., 43 Conduit street, London. Mr. Wallace Jones has arrived at Young's Hotel, Boston. Appointments by letter at Harvard until 17th inst.; after that date at the hotel. o15 1w


A LIMITED number of table boarders wanted at 715 Cambridge street. GOOD BOARD GUARANTEED. Terms $5.50 per week. Also two furnished rooms to let, Terms moderate. o19-6t

SHORTHAND.- All who desire to join a class for the study of Shorthand are requested to sign book at Bartlett's drug store. S. G. GREENWOOD, Principal "Greenwood Finishing School of Shorthand and Type Writing," 61 Court street, Boston, Mass.