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Yale Letter.


NEW HAVEN, Oct. 17, 1888.- The college opened here September 20th in the usual manner, and the preliminary catalogue, which was published soon after, shows a gain of eighty-eight in the undergraduate department. The campus presented a strange appearance to us on our return, the old fence having entirely disappeared and whole corner being torn up to receive the foundation of the new recitation building of which so much was heard last spring. This building, which will be known as Memorial Hall, is to be a magnificent structure of granite with brown stone trimmings. It will be adorned with three high towers, the corner will be of circular shape, and the building will contain thrity-two rooms. It is expected that it will be completed in the fall of 1889. We are more reconciled to it now, as the fence may be replaced and made the meeting place, as formerly. The Chittenden Library, too, is rapidly approaching completion and will be a great addition to the campus.

Great interest is taken in politics here, and each party has organized a battalion and expect to take part in parades in New Haven and vicinity. The Republicans have named their organization the Depew Battalion, and it is under the command of Colonel A. A. Stagg. The Democrats are called the Sumner Guards and are commanded by J. F. A. Merrill, '89. An excellent drum corps also has been formed and is at the disposal of either party.

The fall races took place at Lake Saltonstall last Saturday, and although it rained in torrents all the afternoon the contests were close and exciting. Ninety-one defeated '90 by a scant length in a two-mile race, and the Academic freshmen defeated the Scientific freshmen in a well-rowed mile race.

The Glee and Banjo Clubs have been selected and are now busy preparing for their annual Christmas trip, which will be more extensive this year than ever before. The clubs will visit the following cities in the order named: Cleveland, Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Colorado Springs, Denver, Kansas City and St. Louis. Our Christmas vacation has been lengthened and will commence Thursday, December 20, and end Tuesday, January 8.

The junior class has elected the promenade committee as follows: A. G. McClintock (chairman), Stowe Phelps (floor manager), E. Brooks, jr., John Crosby, W. A. DeCamp, A. H. Hough, N. James, H. W. Lee and G. D. Yeomans. This event will take place January 22.

Great enthusiasm in tennis was manifested during the intercollegiate tournament, and some fine exhibitions of skill in this line were given.


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