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Harvard, 68; Andover, 0.


The Harvard eleven defeated the team from Phillips Andover Academy yesterday by a score of 68 to 0. The day was perfect and the field in good condition. The following men composed the teams:

Harvard,- Cumnock. Longstreth, Dexter, Cranston (centre), Trafford, Davis, Harding and VanSchaick; Dean, quarter-back; Lee and Wadsworth, half-backs; Sears, full-back.

Andover.- Stone, Townsend, Upton, Speer (centre), Coxe, Mowry, Hunt; Owsley, quarter-back; C. D. Bliss and L. Bliss, half-backs; Sprague, full-back.

Mr. Dennison was referee and Mr. Brooks, '87, umpire. Time was called at 3.41, Andover in possession of the ball. Andover forced the ball fifteen yards when it went to Harvard, and Lee running around right end, covered the entire distance to the Andover line in one rush and made the first touchdown for Harvard. Time 1 minute. No goal. Andover kicked the ball from the twenty-five-yard line, and Lee getting it, carried it fifteen yards. Five yards were lost on a fumble, when Sears getting the ball made the second touchdown. Time, 6 minutes. Wadsworth kicked the goal. Score. Harvard, 10, Andover, 0. Andover forced the ball from the centre of the field to Harvard's twenty-five-yard line. A sharp tackle by Harding and good punting by the Harvard backs carried it back into Andover's territory, and Cumnock had the ball down on Andover's twenty-five yard line when the ball changed hands for a foul. Andover gained fifteen yards when the ball went to Harvard for foul holding in the rushline and Davis carried it across the line. Time, 19 minutes. Wadsworth kicked the goal. Andover had the ball down on Harvard's thirty-five-yard line from a fumble of a kick, when it went to Harvard on a foul, and rushes by Lee, Davis, Trafford and Wadsworth carried it to within two yards of Andover's line, and Sears forced it across, making Harvard's fourth touchdown, from which Wadsworth kicked a goal. Time 28 minutes. Andover started the ball from the centre of the field, but did not gain any ground. The ball was kept near the centre until a rush by Dexter carried it to the twenty-five yard line and Wadsworth rushed it across. Time 35 minutes. Wadsworth kicked a goal, which made the score 28-0. Andover gained ten yards by a rush from the middle of the field, but immediately lost the ground by a good tackle by Cumnock. Harvard getting the ball, Sears and Davis carried it to the 25-yard line and Wadsworth again rushed it across, making the sixth touchdown for Harvard, from which he kicked a goal. Time 38 minutes. Andover kicked the ball from the centre of the field, and Sears returning, Cranston had the ball down on Andover's thirty-five-yard line. Dexter carried it to the fifteen-yard line and Cranston rushed it across the line. Time 43 minutes. Wadsworth kicked the goal. No more points were scored this half. When time was called, Harvard had the ball on Andover's twenty-five-yard line. Score, 40-0.

Van Schaick took Longstreth's place in the second half until Harding was disqualified, when he played in his stead and Longstreth returned to his place at left tackle. Harvard had the ball at the beginning of the second half and immediately forced it to Andover's ten-yard line, and Lee made a touchdown, from which Wadsworth kicked a goal. Time 1 minute. Cumnock got the ball from a kick and carried it to the thirty-yard line. Rushes by Sears and Wadsworth advanced the ball, and Sears carried it across the line. Five minutes. Goal by Wadsworth. The ball was forced to Harvard's twenty-five yard line, when punting by Sears and Wadsworth carried it into Andover's territory, when Sears, catching the ball from a kick, rushed it over the line. Time 10 minutes. Goal. Score, 58-0.

The ball was kept in the centre of the field till Sear's return of Andover's punt was fumbled, and Cranston getting the ball, rushed forty-five yards and made a touchdown. Time 18 minutes. No goal. Andover kicked from the 25-yard line and Harvard had the ball down in the middle of the field, when it was passed to Lee and he rushed around the Andover end and made the last touchdown for Harvard. Time 19 minutes. Wadsworth kicked the goal. Score, 68-0.

Cumnock and Cranston did the best work in the rush line. All the backs played well, rushing more effectively and fumbling less than in any previous game. The playing of the eleven, as a whole, however, was loose and lacking in team play. Whenever a man rushed he had to depend almost wholly on himself. The rest of the men did not back him up or block off as they should. There is a tendency to foul holding that must be gotten over also.

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