NAT. HIST. 2.- There will be no lecture in N. H. 2, Saturday, Oct. 27.

LOST.- A small pocket book, possibly in N. H. 4. Finder please leave at Leavitt and Peirce's.

LOST.- Taken by mistake from Memorial, note book with perforated cover. Return to auditor.

PHIL. XI.- Members of the course who wish to go with Dr. Peabody to South Boston will meet at car station, Harvard Square, at 1 p. m. Monday.

THOSE who have paid their subscriptions to the football can get their tickets at the gate this afternoon.


B. C. WELD.THE HARVARD INDEX.- The secretaries of all societies are requested to send at once lists of the officers and members to 10 Stoughton Hall for insertion in the Index.

THE following men will be at Leavitt and Peirce's promptly at 12 o'clock to take the train for Exeter: Curtis, Newell, Heard, Hunt, Travis, Allen, Schoen, Neff, Baker, Forbes, Wrenn, Putnam. The team needs the presence of every freshman who can possibly accompany it to Exeter.

M. F. BROOKS, Captain.