Foot-Ball Notes.

The University eleven plays the Dartmouth team this afternoon on Jarvis field at 4 o'clock.

The second eleven beat the varsity team in practice yesterday afternoon: eight touchdowns to five in a game lasting over an hour. Several of the men who generally play with the varsity were on the second eleven which was composed as follows: Crosby, Blanchard (Longstrett), Howe, Morse, Trafford, Davis (Hartridge), Slocum; Crane, quarter-back; Austin, '88, and Fitzbugh, half-backs; Palmer, full-back; The varsity eleven was composed of Cumnock, Van Schaick, Tilton, Cranston (centre), Carpenter, Perry, G. Harding. Dean, quarter-back; Wadsworth and V. Harding, half-backs, and Sears, full-back. Yesterday was evidently an "off day" with the first eleven. The rushers played wretchedly; Dean's passing was weak and the backs fumbled badly.

Porter was on the field and coached each eleven alternately.

Finlay is still suffering from the effects of the injury he received several days ago, and it is uncertain when he will be able to play again.

The injury Dexter received in the game Saturday is very similar to the one which laid up Finaly, though it is hoped that it will not prove as serious as his.


Lee did not play yesterday as he was taking part in the Freshman games.

The freshman eleven will go to a training table Nov. 5th.

An additional game with Exeter will probably be played by the freshmen at Exeter Nov. 6 or 7.