Special Notices.

A DESIRABLE ROOM facing south and east can be had at 18 Prescott street. o20 6t eod

COUNTY CLUB RACES.- Students who drive over cannot find more stylish conveyances anywhere in Cambridge than at Merrill and Lake's.

TUTORING in Phil. XI, Hist. 12, Pol. Econ. I and IV. W. ALEXANDER, 24 Reed's Block. o30 6t

SPARRING LESSONS.- Edw. J. Ferris has opened his sparring rooms in Brewer's Block, Brattle St., cor. of Palmer. Hours from 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. o9-1m

THREE UNFURNISHED ROOMS to let at 69 Brattle street. o16 1m


REMEMBER that the place to buy your Jerseys, Sweaters, Tights, Stockings, Football Jackets and Pants, Dress Shirts, Ties, Dress Shirt Shields, English Mackintoshes, English Mufflers, Fencing Foils, Boxing Gloves, Walking Sticks, Umbrellas, Underwear, Hosiery, Gloves, etc., is at JAMES W. BRINE'S, 10 and 11 Harvard Row and 436 Harvard street.