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The Yale Preliminary Catalogue, published day before yesterday, furnishes full statistics in regard to the gain in number over that of last year. Six hundred and eighty-eight men registered in the academic department, a gain of 74 over last year.

1888 1887

Senior 126 124

Junior 151 127

Sophomore 206 155

Freshman 205 208

688 614

Sheffield has fourteen more men than last year.

1888 1887

Graduates 21 20

Senior 76 75

Junior 80 84

Freshmen 121 106

Special 7 6

305 291

It will be seen from the above tables just where the gains have been made. Yale shows a steady increase, but the increase is not so great this year as the early rumors seemed to predict. The following is a resume of an interesting table showing the local distribution of the freshman class: Connecticut sends 90; New York, 63; Massachusetts, 20: Illinois, 17; New Jersey, 16; Ohio, 15; Pennsylvania, 13. Colorado, Missouri, Kentucky, District of Columbia, Nebraska, Japan, Turkey, Canada, and others send small delegations under ten. The grand total is 326.

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