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(Continued from third page.)

Peckham, J J, 8 Prescott Hall

Pierce, T W, 14 Shepherd Block

Perry, R P, 54 Garden street

Philipp, P B, 24 Little's Block

Philips, W, 14 Claverly

Pinkham, H S, Newton

Piper, J W, 33 Dunster Hall

Pope, R E, 26 Ware Hall

Porter, W F, 59 Thayer

Pratt, R G, 21 Weld

Preston, C E, 37 1-2 Langdon street

Pulitzer, R, 42 Dunster Hall

Rainbolt, W M, 67 College House

Randall, P G, 29 Holyoke street

Raynolds, J M, 3 Sumner street

Reed, M, 12 Gloucester street, Boston

Reed, R L, 14 Howland street

Rice, A N, 31 Holyoke street

Rice, E J, 1 Thayer

Richards, A L, 22 Bigelow street

Richards, J A, 8 Irving Terrace

Roberts, S E, 9 Vincent street

Robinson, H G, 42 Kirkland street

Robinson, N, Jr, 36 Claverly

Rock, A M, 12 Claverly

Rockwell, S F, 5 Foxcroft

Sachs, E, 37 Perkins

Sachs, P J, 40 Conant

Saltonstall, J L, 53 Claverly

Sanborn, E E, 51 Ware Hall

Sanborn, J P, 77 Lake View avenue

Sanderson, E J, 56 Plympton street

Sands, P, 39 Ware Hall

Sanford, H W, 61 Brattle street

Sargent, A R, 47 Claverly

Sargent, S W, 1270 Mass auenue

Schaefer, R M, 68 Inman street, Cambridgeport

Sherill, B W, 52 Oxford street

Scott, D, 9 Quincy Hall

Sears, J M, Jr, 31 Beck

Seasongood, M, 17 Matthews

Seaver, H L, Dorchester

Seaver, W N, 39 Dana street

Shartenberg, H M, 1750 Cambridge street

Shaw, T M, 8 Little's Block

Shaw, W L, 35 Conant

Shay, L B, 21 College House

Sherburne, K, 38 Ware Hall

Simonds, F, 43 College House

Simpson, W S, 78 Mt Auburn street

Skillings, W E, 24 Hastings Hall

Smith, E H, 32 Thayer

Smith, F C, Jr, 11 Felton Hall

Smith, H B, 52 Wendell street

Smith, H W, Dorchester

Smith, L G O, 41 Conant

Smith, P S, 2 Prescott Hall

Snow, S B, 27 Matthews

Southworth, S B, 3 Sumner street

Spalding, E, 17 Shepherd's Block

Stanton, H B, 46 Ware Hall

Stearn, L, 52 Perkins

Steenstra, F H, 31 College House

Stephenson, H E, Somerville

Stevens, F H, 378 Harvard street

Stickney, H A, 33 Hilton

Stickney, W, 30 Holyoke street

Stix, E W, 32 Hilton

Stoddard, A E, 8 Irvington Terrace

Swain, C O, 9 Matthews

Swift, F R, 35 Bow street

Talbot, F B

Tappin, H, 7 Linden street

Taylor, C R, Arlington

Thompson, F A, 36 Perkins

Tilton, C H, Jr, 15 Hilton

Tilton, N W, 17 Dunster street

Todd, F C, 10 Conant

Tozzer, A M, 58 Hammond street

Trainer, J N, Jr, 26 Trowbridge street

Tucker, D, 4 Hairland street, Boston

Underwood, C M, Jr, Dorchester

Van Deusen, H T, 12 Park avenue, West Somerville

Wadleigh, H A, 47 Weld

Waitt, W G, 9 Wendell street

Walter, G W, Winthrop Road, Brookline

Ward, C W, 42 Kirkland street

Ward, Holcombe, 25 Holyoke street

Warren, E C, 1727 Cambridge street

Warshaw, J, Quincy

Washburn, A, 7 Foxcroft

Webster, F C, Chelsea

Weill, B C, 11 Ware Hall

Wellington, C F, 1683 Cambridge street

Wellington, S G, 10 Conant

Wheeler, E C, 68 Perkins

White, H P, 36 Holyoke

White, J P, 30 Ware Hall

Whiton, R K, 28 Conant

Whittemore, G A, 11 Wendell street

Whittier, E J, 20 Holyoke

Wiggin, H D, 52 Weld

Wiggin, R B, 9 Matthews

Wilder, G H, 14 Felton Hall

Willard, N R, 84 Wendell street

Williams, J T, 9 College House

Williams, L C, Jamaica Plain

Wilson, J, 5 Linden street

Wirt, K F, 5 Manter Hall

Woodbury, W P, 29 Conant

Woodworth, S W, 20 Holyoke street

Wyman, L E, 12 Perkins

Yeomans, H A, 101 Hammond street

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