Co-Operative Society Bulletin.

A lot of very rare books has just been made ready in the book room.

The errand boy leaves for Boston at 9 a. m., and at 2 p. m. The Reference List explains the errand system.

A good copyist and stenographer has regular hours each day in a room adjoining the furniture room-up one flight. Work should be left as much in advance as possible. See Reference List for details. The stock of typewriters' supplies will be ready in a few days. Orders are taken for the Caligraph and Hammond Type writers with full guaranties.

Owing to the lack of profit made on "blue books," and to reduce the number of instances in which time has to be taken to count out and make change for less than a dozen, the prices are advanced to 5 cents each for the 3 hour books, and 3 cents for the 1-hour. Packages of 1 dozen books will remain at the old price, 35 cents and 24 cents.