The Additions to the Agassiz and Peabody Museums.

The new additions to the Agassiz and Peabody Museums, which were begun early last spring, have been pushed forward so rapidly during the past summer that work on the interior has commenced. The extension to the Peabody Museum is about forty feet deep and will be used principally for exhibition rooms. There are many archaeological specimens, now stored away or crowded in the used portion, which will be placed in the new part. The original building and addition form together two-fifths of the contemplated structure.

The addition to the Agissiz Museum is one hundred and ten feet long. The first forty feet will be devoted to geology and physical geography, thereby creating a separate department for the study of physical geography and extending the space used for geological purposes. The balance of the building will be used for the study of botany. This will not render the work at the botanical gardens useless, merely supplementing the work carried on there. All that will be transferred is the botanical apparatus for explanatory purposes in lectures. This addition will not, therefore, in any way be a public museum, as it is intended only to furnish facilities for teaching and investigation.

The upper stories will be devoted to cryptogamic researches. The completion of the interior and the arrangement of the specimens will probably take ten months, so that the rooms will not be open till next year. The proposed connection between the two museums will probably be made into laboratories for research in natural history inasmuch as there is great need for such accommodations at present.

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