Co-operative Society Bulletin.

Dividends payable this week, Nos. 700 to 770. The order of paying dividends is determined by lot: all are paid by checks, which will be sent. It is requested that no further inquiries about dividends be made in the office.

The stock of leather goods in the stationery department has recently been considerably increased. It comprises new styles of bill rolls, coin bags, purses, card cases, traveling cases, cuff and collar sets, and leather-covered pocket inkstands.

In the same department is a selection of photographs of English Celebrities. Orders will be filled for any American or English Celebrities, and for any of the other works of English and Italian photographers.

Attention is called to the fact that in the bookroom all important new books are generally to be found on publication days. Special terms are offered to subscribers to the new edition of Chambers' Encyclopaedia, of which 2 vols are now ready.