Musical Notes.

Tickets for the Glee Club concert in Chickering Hall, New York, on December 22, will be placed at Leavitt and Peirce's in a day or two.

The Pierian Sodality will give a concert in Newton at an early date.

The Freshman Glee Club has obtained permission to use a room in Lawrence Hall for rehearsals.

Mr. Longworth, of the sophomore class will probably accompany the Glee Club on its western tour as violin soloist.

A string quartette has been formed of members of the Pierian: Sterne, 1st violin; Corne, 2d violin; Robbins, viola; and Naumberg, 'cello. The quartette will play at the concert in Sanders Theatre next week.

Tickets for the concert to be given in Sanders Theatre next week by the three musical organizations of the University will be placed on sale at Sever's tomorrow. They may also be had of members of the clubs. The concert will be followed by dancing in Memorial Hall as usual.

The Glee and Banjo Clubs will give a concert in the Dudley-street Opera House, Roxbury, on Thursday evening of this week for the benefit of St. James Church. Tickets may be obtained at 24 Matthews. Rev. Percy Brown will entertain the members of the clubs after the concert at his rectory on Millmont street.

The editors and publishers of the Songs of Harvard have presented each member of the Glee Club with a copy of the revised edition.