Fact and Rumor.

The annual catalogue is in the hands of the binders.

Mr. Wendell will meet, to-day, the fourth section in English 12, from Magee to Nutt.

There will be an hour-examination in English VII on Thursday, Dec. 20, at 3 p. m., in Sever 5.

There was no recitation in German 9 yesterday. There will be an hour examination in this course tomorrow at 10 a. m.

Theme IV in English B will not be returned until after the recess. Theme VI, a narrative will be due on Tuesday, Jan. 8.

The Hasty Pudding theatricals were postponed to 8.30 o'clock last evening, so that the members of the club might have time to attend the College Conference meeting.

The senior class of Williams have held two elections of class officers, but as the men elected each time have resigned, it has been decided to have no class officers. The class have also voted to abolish class day at their graduation.

The National House of Representatives has passed a bill for the incorporation of the American Historical Association. Among the incorporators named are Mr. Justin Winsor of Harvard, ex-president A. D. White of Cornell, and the Hon. George Bancroft.

In the chess tournament, A. E. Taussig beat Darling, and thus won a place in the finals. The following games have been reported: Nicolls beat Chamberlin; Nicolls beat Sturgls; Sturgis beat Chamberlin; Webster beat Chamberlin. R. D. Brown has retired from the tournament from lack of time and forfeits all his games.

The three questions to be presented at the Harvard Union debate this evening are as follows:-

Resolved, That there should be a constitutional amendment providing for a uniform divorce law throughout the United States.

Resolved, That the United States Government should attempt the purchase of the Panama Canal.

Resolved, That the Australian system of electing public officials should be adopted in this country.

The December hour examinations in N. H. 4a will take place as follows:- Monday and Wednesday section, on Wednesday, Dec. 19, at 2 p. m.; Tuesday and Thursday, 9-11. section, on Thursday, Dec. 20, at 9 a. m. ; Tuesday and Thursday, 2-4, section, on Thursday, Dec. 20. at 2 p. m. Members of the Tuesday and Thursday 11-1 section will come at whichever of the above hours is most convenient to them. Laboratory note books should be banded in at the time of the examinations. All the examinations will be held in the laboratory.