Dartmouth College News.

College closed Wednesday for the winter vacation of four weeks.

The trustees at their last meeting voted to proceed at once with the erection of the Y. M. C. A. building. It will probably be commenced in the spring, and the work upon it will be hastened as much as possible.

The Dartmouth chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi gave a very enjoyable reception to Dr. Edward Everett Hale at their chapter house while he was at Hanover last week.

The competition for the assistant editorships of The Dartmouth has ended, and the choice has been made. The new editors are J. B. Reynolds, '90; E. W. Pond, '91, and M. P. Thompson, '92.

The National Swedish Concert Company gave a concert here in the lecture course last Tuesday evening, one of the finest concerts that has ever been given in Hanover. Their singing was of a very high order, and in their picturesque costumes they made a most attractive sight.


At a meeting of the Foot-Ball Association, Wednesday, M. H. Beacham, '90, was unanimously elected manager for the ensuing year, and A. H. Baehr, '90, president of the association. At a meeting of the foot-ball team, William Odlin, '90, was chosen captain for the next year.

The Glee Club starts out upon a week's tour in a few days, during which time they will give concerts in the leading New England cities.