Special Notices.

A club table of 6 or more gentlemen can be accommodated with board, also a cosy small room for a club of four gents. The well established house of Mrs. F. H. Brewer will re-open at the close of the Christmas recess.

F. H. BREWER, Brattle Sq.JAMES W. BRINE, 10 and 11 Harvard Row and 436 Harvard street has all the latest styles of E. and W. collars and cuffs, dress ties. shirts, dress shirt shields, linen and silk handkerchiefs, gloves, underwear, hosiery, English mackintoshes, walking sticks, mufflers and umbrellas.

TICKETS to all points west and south via the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad may be obtained at the lowest rates of A. J. Simmons, P. and T. A,, 211 Washington street, Boston. 68-6t

TABLE BOARD at No. 10 Remington St. Best of references given. Also a large sunny room to let on the first floor. 67-6t

STUDENTS returning home for the holidays to points west of New York will learn of something to their advantage by calling at the Cambridge Railway Ticket Office, 910 Main street. 61-tf


W. R. ELLIS.PHYSICS B, C, and I.- Tutoring in these courses done by

M. L BRUUER, 35 Weld69 6t

HOLMES HINKLEY, A. M., Private Tutor, 19 Ware street, Cambridge.

TUTORING in Greek and Latin by a graduate. Address

H. W. HANSON, 8 Austin St., Cambridge.71 6t