Fact and Rumor.

The candidates for the Yale University crew will go to training table on March 1st.

There is no symphony concert in Boston this week, as the orchestra is on one of its trips.

At the weekly meeting of the Yale Athletic Association, Hunt, L. S., put the shot 34 ft. 10 in.

The annual winter meeting of the Princeton Athletic Association will take place on Feb. 22d.

The annual meeting of the Inter-collegiate Lacrosse Association took place yesterday in New York.

Dr. McKenzie will occupy the college pulpit to-morrow evening, and the service will be a special memorial of Prof. Gray.


Rooms for English A examination to-day are as follows: Adler-Baldwin in Sever 1; Ballou-Brooks in Sever 5; Buffum-Cummings in Sever 6; Cumnock-Finlay in Sever 17; Fiske-Halliday in Sever 24; Hamburger-Johnson in Sever 30; Jones-Muller in Sever 35; Neill-Valle in Sever 37; Wainwright-Wynne in U. 2.

The next English B theme is due on Feb. 21.

The Italian University of Bologne will celebrate its 80th anniversary this year and has invited delegates from the leading American universities.

A team of ten or dozen men will be sent by the H. A. A. to compete at the Y. A. A. and Second Regiment Connecticut National Guard games at New Haven on March 2 and 3.

A dispute concerning the use of a hall has caused trouble between the freshmen and sophomore classes at Boston University and has resulted in the suspension of one of the sophomores.

At a meeting of the Princeton seniors it was resolved to petition the board of trustees that Dr. McCosh's administration be extended to the date of their graduation and that they be given diplomas bearing the signature of Dr. McCosh as president.