CANDIDATES for the freshman nine will be at the gymnasium at 2.30 sharp.

H. W. BATES.POLITICAL ECONOMY I.- All who have elected Division B of this course will meet on Monday, the 13th, at 9 a. m. in Mass. 3.

Those who have elected Division A will meet in U. 4. All who were in the 9 o'clock section during the first half-year will meet at 9; all who were in 10 o'clock sections will meet at 10.

F. W. TAUSSIG, J. H. GRAY.The following men are requested to call at Pach's studio, Saturday or Monday or Tuesday to be photographed for the class album: M. H. Clyde, T. Clyde, Codman, Crocker, Cunningham, Curtis, Dane, Daniels, Davidge, Davidson, Dean, Drake, Edwards, Eldridge, Farnum, Field, Fowler, Friend, W. H. Furness, W. W. Gale, J. A. Gallivan, W. J. Gallivan, Gasquet, Gay, de Gersdorff, Gibson, Gleason, Goodhue, Gooding, Gordon, Graham. Mr. Tupper will also have time to photograph any other members of the class who can come to the studio this week, and all such are asked to do so, as it will save much time and trouble to get this matter finished at once.