Fact and Rumor.

Dr. Hale will conduct prayers this week.

Prof. Bocher resumes French 5 tomorrow.

The class of '88 at Princeton have their German this evening.

Professor Shaler has returned from Florida.

Payne has been elected captain of the Princeton freshman nine.


Wesleyan intends to put a base-ball team into the field next spring.

Trinity recently conferred the degree of L. L. D. upon Senator edmunds.

Professor Goodale has secured $50,000 of the necessary $75,000 for building an addition to the Agassiz Museum.

Professor Royce has been compelled by illness to give up his courses in philosophy during the next half-year.

Henry Irving and Ellen Terry will give a reading in Huntington Hall, Boston, on Wednesday of this week.

The sixtieth annual exhibition of Chauncy Hall School was held last Friday in Boston Music Hall.

Any students wishing to see Dr. Hale will find him at Wadsworth House every day this week between 9 and 10.

The item of two cents for water in the Memorial accounts is for the spring water which has been supplied for the last three months.

Mr. Luce, of Boston, an old Harvard man, will speak to the Yale men this evening on "Journalism."

The Yale University library has just received a collection of a thousand books purchased in London.