Fact and Rumor.

The number of candidates for the junior crew has been reduced to 12.

Attention is called to our editorial this morning concerning the blue book placed at Leavitt and Peirce's.

The examination books in N. H. 2 will be returned at the lecture-room, in the museum, at 4 p. m. to-day.

Garrison, '88, left for New York yesterday to attend the Lacrosse Convention there to-morrow.

A recent issue of the N. Y. Evening Post contains a letter from President Eliot on the Blair Educational Bill.


The members of last year's '90 lacrosse team are going to have a dinner soon.

John Boyle O'Reilly is writing a book soon to be published by Scribers on "Boxing and Other Athletics."

Cambridge won the Inter-University cross country race against Oxford this year.

Mathematics E has been elected by one hundred and twenty men, and mathematics F by twenty five.

Professor Lyon gives a lecture to night in the Lowell Institute course in Huntington Hall on "Epochs of History."

After Henry Irving's readings in aid of the School of Expression he was presented by the students of that school with a large silver paper cutter, the handle of which represented him in the character of Mephistopheles.

A tabular view for the second half-year has been posted in the entry of University.

In the gymnasium contest at Yale, the other evening, the freshman tug-of-war team defeated a picked team by two inches.

The last Life contains an editorial on the New York Evening Post's views on athletics as developed from President Eliot's message.

M. A. Taylor, '89, who has been the accompanist for the University Glee Club for some time, has been elected leader to fill Carpenter's place.