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Harvard Shooting Club.


Yesterday occurred the annual match between the graduates and the college teams. An innovation was introduced in admitting a third team composed of members of the Law School. Among the men who shot on the three teams were seen the best shots, past and present, that the club has ever produced. The conditions for shooing were perfect, the wind being very light and the atmosphere clear. Each team did itself credit, as may be seen from the adjoining scores. Owing to the long time that has elapsed since the club last met, the work done by the men was something remarkable. The match was shot under the following conditions: Four men to a team; 25 birds to each man.

At the end of the first round the college teamed with a total of fourteen out of twenty; the L. S. team had twelve birds to their credit; the graduate team eleven birds. At the completion of the second round the order remained the same, the scores being 30, 28 and 27. The third round resulted in the graduate team taking second place and the L. S. team retiring to last, the scores being 43, 41. and 40. The order of the teams remained the same during the fourth round, the scores being 54, 53 and 51. The last round turned out disastrously for the college team, as their score aggregated only 64. The graduate team took first place with a score of 65. while the E. S. team came in last with a score of 61.

GRADUATE TEAM.F. B. Austin, '86. 13

W. L. Allen, '86. 19

W. H. Goodwin, '84. 13

W. H. Slocum, '86. 20

Total. 65

COLLEGE TEAM.W. K. Post, '90. 18

M. H. Clyde, '88. 13

G. W. Lamb, '91. 14

C. Greene, '89. 19

Total. 64

LAW SCHOOL TEAM.J. D. Bradley, '86. 17

F. S. Palmer, '87. 15

W. Austin, '87. 16

J. A. Frye, '86. 13

Total. 61

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