Fact and Rumor.

Deblois, '89, is ill at home, suffering from some throat trouble.

Professor Hill's lecture in Freshman English this morning on "Lawrence Sterne."

The Yale delegates to the Y. M. C. A. convention in Boston came up yesterday in a special car.

Rev. E. Winchester Donald, D. D., of New York City, will occupy the college pulpit tomorrow evening.

The annual convention of the Intercollegiate Athletic Association takes place today in New York.

The funeral of C. B. Saunderson will occur at 2 o'clock today at 72 Broad street, Lynn. Trains on the Eastern R. R. at 1 and 1.40 p. m.

Brooks, F. Green, Hall, Maynadier, Whitney and Zinkeisen have been elected members of the Signet from '89.

Prof. and Mrs. Palmer gave a very pleasant informal reception last evening to the members of his classes at his house on Broadway.

Special times are given to the various uses to which the Princeton cage is put, and base-ball, foot-ball, lacrosse and track athletics are practiced every afternoon.

The Philosophical Club has invited Mr. Ernest Rhys of England, now visiting Boston, to deliver a lecture at some early date. Mr. Rhys is favorably known to students of English by his edition of Dekkar in the Mermaid series, and also by his connection with the Camelot series of English classics.

The annual oratorical contest of the Ohio colleges resulted in the winning of first prize by Denison College, and second prize by Oberlin University.

The Nassau tug-of-war team won the championship of America at the games in New York the other evening, pulling the Yale team 6 inches and the Columbias 4 inches.

The base-ball season has opened with a tragedy at the U. of Chattanooga, where a trivial dispute resulted in the killing of one of the players by the umpire.

There will be a regular appointment in N. H. IV a next Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock. This is done in order to obtain three appointments per week now in N. H. IV, so that in May but one will be necessary.

Mr. Wendell was unable to keep his appointment yesterday with the section in English 12-Kellogg-Norton-but will be happy to see members of that section at 18 Grays during his office hours today and Monday next.

Following men have been elected to the Phi Beta Kappa from '88: Bailey, Edson, Elkins, Ewald, Gibson, C. W. Gleason, Goodwin, Henderson, Holden, Loeb, Lund, Manning, Means, Sempers, Thompson, F. B's. Williams, F. B'y. Williams.

Mr. Bolles requests seniors and members of the graduate department who have not already filled out and returned to him the blanks sent to them in November to do so at once if they propose to do so at all. Undergraduates wishing tutoring or other employment for the summer may procure application blanks at the secretary's office. Although the number of places which Mr. Bolles was able to secure for students last summer was small, he is willing to assist as many men as possible.

At the afternoon session of the Y. M. C. A., tomorrow, there will be a general meeting addressed by students. Among the students who will speak are Stagg and Corbin of Yale, Pfeiffer of Harvard, and Speer of Princeton. The meeting in the evening will be a farewell meeting conducted by Mr. L. D. Wishard. The meetings yesterday were very interesting and a large number of college men were present. Tomorrow's exercises will be specially interesting because of the prominent college men who will take part.