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EDITORS DAILY CRIMSON:- A phrase in the recent Class Day circular, containing the word "tradesmen," has not been understood. Please allow me to say something concerning it through your columns.

In past years, certain clerks in the stores about the college (a few only, however.) have made a regular business of speculating in Class Day tickets. They obtain the tickets in divers ways, and offer them publicly for sale. In this way numbers of thoroughly objectionable people get into the yard, and it was mainly to curtail one of the sources of supply of these clerks that the word "tradesmen" was used.

Again, every senior is regularly assaulted, by persons who have no kind of claims, for Class Day tickets. Each senior thinks, perhaps, that one or two yard tickets will make no difference. At any rate, he does not like to refuse a polite and seemingly slight request. If each senior gives away only two tickets in that way, some five hundred people who are "nobody's friends" come to Class Day and increase the too large crowd. Giving seniors a sufficient pretext for refusing such request for tickets was another reason for making the phrase so sweeping.

The word "tradesmen" was intended to cover the two limited cases above, and that is all. Perhaps the word was badly selected to express our meaning, but we thought it would be generally understood. The committee is acting solely with the desire to make Class Day as pleasant as possible, and to that end we ask that tickets be given to seniors' friends, and to them only. We do not wish to curtail any one's rights to give tickets to his friends, for that is what the ticketsare for. On the contrary we wish to make the enjoyment of the use of those tickets as great as possible.

We hope in future that suggestions and criticisms will be made directly to us, and we shall gladly give them the proper consideration.

B. W. PALMER, Chairman Class Day Committee.

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