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Fact and Rumor.


Sophomore themes are due on Thursday.

A second edition of the President's report will soon be issued.

The last Zukertort-Steinitz chess game resulted in a draw.

G. A. Morrison, '87, is obliged to go South in order to recover from his protracted illness.

Hutchinson, short stop on last season's Brown nine, will play with Princeton this year.

In the games Saturday '87 won three prizes, '86 two, and the Law School one. This gives '87 a fine lead for the pennant.

By dint of earnest labor Williams has at last succeeded in obtaining a place in the Inter-collegiate Base Ball Association.

The custom introduced at the winter meetings this year of presenting the contestants by name to the audience, is generally considered a good innovation.

It is understood that another meeting between the final contestants in the light weight sparring of Saturday, will occur during the coming week.

The inter-collegiate base-ball umpires for the coming season are Dutton, Donovan and Grant.

Students at Johns Hopkins have been making calculations on the approach of the comet, discovered by Farby, which is expected to reach its greatest brilliancy about May 2d.

Many admirers of the light-weight sparring contestants in the meeting on Saturday were sadly disappointed at the decision of the final bout in that event.

The first base ball championship game with Yale occurs at New Haven on the eighth of May. Yale will play an exhibition game in Cambridge on the nineteenth of June.

On Saturday about thirty students, in addition to the class in History 13, attended Dr. Hart's lecture on the present contest between the President and the Senate.

The salute that Mr. Isham made before fencing Saturday, which seemed to amuse a part of the audience so much, was perfectly proper had they known enough about fencing to appreciate the fact.

Mr. Studd gave an interesting discourse in Appleton Chapel last night. He will give a Bible reading in the rooms of the Christian Brethren today from 1.30 to 2 p.m. and conduct service in Holden from 6.30 to 7.15 this evening.

The action of Saturday's audience in hissing the award of one of the sparring bouts, unjust as it may have seemed, was a disgrace to our winter sports. It is to be hoped that Harvard men were not concerned in this ungentlemanly conduct.

Dr. Hart has stated that no definite plan in regard to History 20 for next year has as yet been decided upon, his recent reference to that course being only to discover how many men would take the course, if United States History, since 1861, was to be the work of the year.

Owing to the way in which the fencing of Saturday degenerated into wild thrusting and a reliance upon strength instead of skill, it is understood that those in college who are instructed in this sport will soon meet and draw up a new code of rules for the judging of fencing bouts. Mr. John Boyle O'Reilly favors the plan.

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