H. A. A.

The following are the entries for the Second Winter Meeting of the H. A. A.:

Fence Vault:- H. Tallant, '91; G. W. Pearson, L. S.; G. L. Barney, '90.

Light Weight Sparring:- J. W. Lawrence, '91; H. L. Phillips, Gr. Dept.

Feather Weight Sparring:- E. W. Grew, '89; P. Marquand, '89.

Parallel Bars:- W. F. Pillsbury, '89; G. L. Barney, '90.


Standing High Jump:- F. G. Curtis, '90; F. B. Lund, '88.

Fencing:- W. D. Brewer, L. S.; J. M. Morton, '91; J. F. Bass, '91; L. M. Greer, '91; E. S. Rawson, '90.

Tug of War:- '88. 1. E. A. Pease; 2. C. H. Baldwin; 3. P. Chase; Anchor, F. G. Balch. '89. 1. P. Marquand; 2. F. O. Raymond, Jr.; 3. J. Endicott; Anchor, G. Perry.